After an unfortunate shooting incident I turned to Seven Star Strength Training to help build up my strength and confidence.

Today my husband and daughter are part of this gym. We have always been avid gym embers but have never actually seen any results. With Peri and Pedro we are becoming stronger every day. It’s the first time that my daughter looks forward at getting up at 5.30 to go to gym before school.

Pedro uses a unique method of core and strength training and it is for the first time after a number of years that I can move freely without having aches and pains.

Although I do not leave there sweating and panting for breath I feel I have achieved more in one hour than I have ever achieved at any other gym. I know this is only the beginning of my training; we are setting a foundation of bigger and better things to come for example the Evolution challenge.

In just three months of training I am back to wearing high heels and dancing which I thought I will never to able to do.

Thanks to Pedro and Peri.

Surie Naicker (Private Member)