Enigmatic is a 3 day Movement Experience with 6 different disciplines and 6 different instructors teaching participants movements from styles such as: TacFit, Tai Chi, Kettlebells, Budokon, Natural Movement and Yoga.

This event, the first of its kind in South Africa, will take place from FRIDAY APRIL 20th – SUNDAY APRIL 22nd.

Space is limited to just 20 participants and tickets are available online through Quicktickets



FOUNDEREnigmatic Natural Movement Coach

Peri Zourides is the Founder of Enigmatic and Co-Founder of Seven Star Energy Centre in Parkmore Johannesburg.

His background in basketball and football at younger ages created a foundation of movement that was then expanded into martial arts where he trained traditional Chinese Martial Arts for 12 years. This exposure to the arts created a greater interest in other training disciplines such as Kettlebells and Yoga. He became a certified Kettlebell and Bodyweight instructor through StrongFirst.

Over the past number of years his interest in Natural Movement has led him to complete his Level 3 certification through MovNat, making him the most senior person in South Africa.

Peri created Enigmatic as a way to bring many of the training disciplines that have influenced him together in a collaborative way to help people move well, get stronger and have fun doing so.


Enigmatic Tai Chi Coach

In 1992 Mark Gouws started his Chinese Martial Arts training. The first systems he studied were the southern division style, Wing Chun and a northern division style, Lune Whan Kune. His dedication in these disciplines led to him being awarded Si-Heng level (second stripe).

In 1997 he moved to London, furthering his interests Chinese Martial Arts and trained Traditional Long Fist Kung Fu (Chángquán) and Tai Chi. On his return to South Africa in 2000, Mark joined YMAASA – Yang’s Martial Arts Association South Africa and started studying White Crane (Bai He) and the northern division style Long Fist (Chang Chuan) as well as internal systems Tai Chi Chuan under Corlius Birkill (President of YMAA South Africa).

He has achieved a YMAA International grading (Level 2) in Long Fist and Tai Chi Instructor (Level 3) , through Dr. Yang Jwing Ming. Mark has attended various seminars presented by Dr. Yang in South Africa.


Enigmatic TacFit Coach

Based in Johannesburg South Africa, Irving Fina is a certified TACFIT® field instructor and 3rd generation  Ip Chun Wing Chun practitioner under Sifu Dean Jones. He also has a Tacfit survival jujitsu background  hosted by Alberto Gallazzi.

Recently added to his training  is the martial art system of Brazilian Jujitsu under the acclaimed  Gracie Barra Academy in Johannesburg Illovo.

He is an  extrovert with a bright personality and enjoys other sports like skate boarding, surfing as well as recording music and doing live stage performances. Irving brings to Seven Star Energy centre a system that well acknowledges the tri factor of tactical breathing,maintenance of form and focus and the coordination of recovery in between and after exercise.He believes that if fitness or training is administered properly it transforms into its own discipline that can be attributed to meditation techniques such as reclined or progressive yoga…”

He lives by the mantra of: ‘Move well and move freely’


Enigmatic TacFit Coach

Patrycja teaches yoga to see people thrive.

Her classes vary in pace and style depending on the energy of the group. Practicing with her you’ll most probably find yourself in an arm balance or handstand. In one session it is possible to sweat away layers of tension, heal injuries both physical and emotional while connecting the body,mind and spirit. It’s a comprehensive system – which is why she teaches yoga.

“It is a great privilege to witness this process of unraveling, expansion, connection and emancipation from the B-S that keeps us stuck.”

Patrycja loves to move her body in all sorts of ways but what brings her home is a strong yoga practice.

In 2007 she started Bikram Yoga, her first love. A delicious affair with Vinyasa got sparked by Power Yoga in 2009. Since then she’s done various teacher training with Tracy Rohan-Irwin, Sally Flanagan-Gutjahr, Jennifer Rae, Ana Forrest amongst other online training’s and anatomy courses. In her repertoire of styles she offers Vinyasa, Forrest Inspired Flow, Hot 26+, Yin and Restorative Yoga.


Enigmatic Kettlebell Coach

Scott is the owner of The Yard Athletic and a Senior SFG Instructor









Enigmatic Budokon Coach