Tri Essence Martial Arts


Mission Statement

To teach, promote and research the utmost authentic (lineage) Chinese martial art, for both self-defense and health.

TriEssence Philosophy

TriEssence stands for the three pillars of Chinese martial art:Speed, Technique and Power.

Training in any style or system that does not practice all 3 essences will fall apart inreal combat like a tripod missing a leg.

Speed is the first and most primary requirement, no strike or defense will work well if you are much slower than your opponent.

Next is technique, a person with speed but no technique are nothing better than a street brawler, no matter how fast you will still be a mess. Technique is about having an advantage in the way you move, having order and plan in a seemingly chaotic situation, and having the ability to achieve more while spending less. Having the right technique in a fight is as important as having the right strategy in a battle.

The last pillar is power, even if you have both speed and technique, if you lack the ability to cause serious damage with each and every strike, you cannot end the situation swiftly.

One must not mistake power for strength, while strength refer to the raw muscular force one process, power refers to the ability to cause serious damage on the human body, strength is a constant force while power is explosive,having one does not mean you have the other.

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R550 p/m or R150 p/c

Class times

Sunday: 14:30 – 17:00

Contact info

Contact: / 084 851 8888


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