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Jovita Stander

I have always seen training with weights and the machines at the gym as a soulless, mind-numbing exercise – it has taken me a very long time to find something that I really enjoy (besides the race walking) and that I look forward to, even getting up at 4h30 in the morning! (thanks Luanda for getting me hooked!! 🙂 ).

I really enjoy the unpretentious, down to earth environmental and the massive amount of information you and the others, such as Lee and Pedro, are willing to share with us. It helps me to understand how my body works and what the technique and exercise is about. Kettlebells is almost like golf – when you finally get the technique right and you do that one perfect move it is just great – and you forget all the hundred and thousand ‘wrong’ moves of before – the challenge is keeping the perfect move repeating itself.

I remember my first planks last year – oh my!! I could not keep it up – and now I can feel that I am stronger – such a difference. My muscles are slowly starting to ‘appear’ and after today’s session with Lee, I can feel my core muscles with every little move! LOL!

Thanks so much for your dedication to the ’cause’! Seven Start is a little gem!

Jovita Stander
Kettlebell Member

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