Hi Peri,

I feel compelled to share the impact that training at Seven Stars and receiving the “topics of the week” email has made on me in just 3 weeks.

Despite living a healthy and active lifestyle, my daily meditation and exercise appeared to be compartmentalized with work taking a significant portion of time and of my mind. I have never bought into “work-life-balance” but rather “work-life-integration” which as a concept sits well but in practice can always be improved on.

I have noticed the idea of movement, strength and posture is with me throughout the day. I make subtle corrections and turn away from the escalators to walk the stairs. A new meaning to “life” has appeared in “work-life-integration”.

Thank you for creating an environment with a sense of community, that offers outdoor training with a variety of unusual “equipment”. I love that it is all set in a foundation of mindfulness. A unique gift.

Looking forward to returning next week and I’m sure to find a park bench to do some tricep dips or push ups on my runs around Bristol!



Kate Ludwig

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