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Julien McIver

So I’ve been getting even more and even more into natural movement and strength over the last year, and finally decided it was time to go into it more head on than I have been until now.
I decided to check out the Seven Star Energy Centre. For those of you who haven’t heard of it or seen it – check it out.

On top of extremely qualified trainers (I’m talking leages above anything you’ll find at Virgin Active. Leagues.), a class will have you throwing logs, carrying rocks, balancing on planks and beams, jumping around, crawling around. Lying on your back and chilling out, general just playing around.
You should check them out, even if it’s just once.

They also do Kettlebell training (once again, the level of trainer is immense. Very well versed in movement. Very difficult qualifications the lessons.)

Check em out!

Julien McIver
Class member

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