Hi there Peri

I have seen the video you showed this morning, before, but today the message it conveyed took on a new meaning.

I am amazed at what my body can do now since I started KB – from the crawling to how strong my arms have become and so much more.  I look forward too each class and it never feels like a drag. Even the more difficult or less ‘lekker’ exercises (like crawling using only one foot and the blinking burpees!) are things that challenges me and at which I want to get better. It may not look like it from the outside but in my head I have pep talks with myself every time I feel like giving up and that I push myself to do the best I can that day. And to never give up!  And let’s not forget Pedro’s Body Ballistics – I think the two of you must sit around a couple of beers (!?) in the evening and challenge each other to come out with the most tiresome routines – Pedro is definitely winning this round! 🙂

My husband and I were chatting over the weekend and I realised that this is the first time in my life that I have exercised this much – not only in terms of quantity, but also in terms of quality.  I have been active on-and-off from my 30’s onwards with big chunks of ‘dry spells’ in between and became consistency active in the last 2 years.  This is due to various factors, such as having a more stable work routine but mainly due to Seven Stars – the philosophy, vision and dedication. And I feel comfortable in my ‘current’ physical limitations, with the knowledge that with each day’s work I will be able to overcome them.

Know that this ‘big’ little, unassuming studio makes a positive difference in my life – I am blessed and a better person for that.

It was my prayer this morning – giving thanks for my health, my body and all it can do and therefore the video was so spot on.

Wishing you a blessed day.



Jovita Stander (Seven Star Member)

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