We know that your people are important to you. We also know that healthy employees are productive, happy, energetic employees and that sedentary, overweight or sickly staff members cost you money in the long run.

Corporate wellness translates into many health outcomes for employees, including:

  • stopping smoking;
  • losing weight/avoiding obesity;
  • preventing diabetes, high blood pressure and dangerous cholesterol; and
  • entrenching healthy habits, like getting enough sleep and managing stress

And then there’s staff retention. Consider the fact that the American Psychological Association’s (APA) ‘Psychologically Healthy Workplace Award’ recipients had an average staff turnover rate of 6% in 2012, compared to the 38% national average.

Unfortunately, too many companies try to implement wellness with little or no game plan for success. As a result, more programmes fail than succeed. The experts say that the solution is “…a combined individualized, customized program that is augmented by a team program.” – Kevin Harrington, Forbes.com (2015)

What’s this? It’s a JAMM Workshop, created entirely for corporate wellness.

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