“Because JAMMing is quick, fun and easy to do anywhere, it doesn’t feel like exercise. It feels like a moment’s welcome break from the day…16 times a day.”
– Tiffany

“I have not had this much ‘control’ over my body or felt it functioning as properly as it does now, for years.”
– Francois

“I feel uplifted, inspired, healthier, happier! I had my executive medical two weeks ago and on paper I’m fit and healthy – all my scores were better than the year before.”
– Martin

“[This] offers an alternative and better rounded approach than mainstream gyms.”
– Anonymous

“While going through the routine, and as I struggled to keep my balance or tried to straighten my legs or touch my toes and breathe at the same time, my body and mind were happy.”
– Jovita

“My balance, mobility, posture and breathing have improved tremendously, all of which makes me a better and more confident horse rider.”
– Joe

“[This] has breathed life into my life and allowed me to rekindle playing with my children and the concept of ‘playfulness’ into my being…”
– Christiaan