Peri Zourides – Co Founder

The owner and head trainer at Seven Star Energy Centre, Peri completed his Exercise Science studies at the Health and Fitness Professionals Association (HFPA) in 2008. His background is Chinese martial arts, football, basketball and kettlebell training, and he became a Strong First Level 2 instructor in 2015. Peri’s methodologies incorporate kettlebells, martial arts, Feldenkrais, resistance training, balance and co-ordination, muscle activation, joint mobility, yoga and plyometrics.

Pedro Almeida – Co Founder

Pedro graduated as a teacher of Physical Education in 2000, having studied at Portugal’s Instituto Superior de Ciências Educativas. At the age of 5 he began playing roller hockey, going on to develop a lifelong career in that sport as well as in swimming and gym. As a sport science specialist, Pedro focuses on enhancing the physical abilities of students, athletes and people of all ages, in order to build healthy lifestyles, prevent injuries and diseases, and improve quality of life.