TACFIT Commando program incorporates:
• High-Intensity Fat-Burning Circuits: each mission in the TACFIT Commando dossier can be completed in less than 30 minutes, and those 30 intense minutes melt fat faster than hours of cardio-style exercise.

• Complex Skills that promote “neurological sophistication”: time appears to slow down as you speed up, fine motor skills become more accurate, gross motor skills more efficient, you feel significant less stress in a crisis, and even more so in daily life.

• Real Tactical Applications: each exercise has been carefully programmed to forge the highest level of specific conditioning while building and reinforcing tactically relevant skill sets.

• Injury-Proofing and Active Recovery: specific low-intensity mobility exercises accelerate your recovery from intense effort, prevent overtraining, and diminish the delayed muscle soreness typical of extreme exertion—which translates to constant mission readiness.


R600 p/m – 2 classes p/w (i.e Monday morning Natural Movement & Wednesday morning Tac Fit)

R700 p/m – 3 classes p/w (i.e Monday morning Natural Movement, Wednesday morning Tac Fit, Friday morning Star Fit Strength)

Class times

Wed: 06:00 – 07:00

Contact info

Contact: Irving 084 329 3448


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