Peri Zourides

CEO – Chief Encouragement Officer

Peri Zourides is the owner and head trainer at Seven Star Energy Centre. He completed his Exercise Science studies from the Health and Fitness Professionals Association (HFPA) in 2008.

He has a sports background in football and basketball, was involved in traditional Chinese Martial Arts for 12 years and Kettlebell training since 2007. He works as a personal and group trainer, is a sports conditioning coach, martial arts instructor and corporate wellness facilitator. Peri works with people to improve their physical and mental states through better movement and breathing patterns, increased sports and athletic performance and improved energy management principles for a well balanced life.

These goals are attained with a variety of different techniques such as Kettlebells, Natural Movement systems, traditional Chinese Martial Arts, Feldenkrais and Yoga

Irving Fina

CTO – Chief Tactical Officer

Irving Fina is a certified TACFIT® field instructor and Ip Chun Wing Chun practitioner under Sifu Dean Jones.

He also has a Brazilian Jujitsu background and In addition to this, he has attended survival Jujitsu seminars hosted by Alberto Gallazi. He has an extrovert, bright personality and enjoys other sports like skate boarding, surfing as well as recording music and doing live stage performances.

Irving believes in the balance of flow between Breath and movement. He believes that if fitness or training is administered properly it transforms into its own discipline that can be attributed to meditation techniques such as reclined yoga.

About Mark Gouws

CMO – Chief Martial Officer

In 1992 Mark Gouws started his Chinese Martial Arts training. The first systems he studied were the southern division style, Wing Chun and a northern division style, Lune Whan Kune. His dedication in these disciplines led to him being awarded Si-Heng level (second stripe).

In 1997 he moved to London, furthering his interests Chinese Martial Arts and trained Traditional Long Fist Kung Fu (Chángquán) and Tai Chi. On his return to South Africa in 2000, Mark joined YMAASA – Yang’s Martial Arts Association South Africa and started studying White Crane (Bai He) and the northern division style Long Fist (Chang Chuan) as well as internal systems Tai Chi Chuan under Corlius Birkill (President of YMAA South Africa).

He has achieved a YMAA International grading (Level 2) in Long Fist and Tai Chi Instructor (Level 3) , through Dr. Yang Jwing Ming. Mark has attended various seminars presented by Dr. Yang in South Africa.

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