Dear Peri

Being Tuesday, I mentally prepared myself for Pedro’s Tabata.

As I arrived at the center, I noticed only Lee’s car and couldn’t decide what was toughest – the Tabata or Lee’s sessions as his warm-up and cool-downs are just as intense has his work-outs…  🙂

Instead we had Yoga.

As we started with the breathing exercises, I heard the birds greeting the day and an immense sense of peace and joy swept over me. While going through the routine, and as I struggled to keep my balance or tried to straighten my legs or touch my toes and breath at the same time, my body and mind were happy.

During cool-down I thought about all my blessings and as I said a prayer, tears of gratitude welled up in my eyes. The birds were still singing…  Life is good.

Please extend my thanks to Lee.

Blessings to all the Stars at 7 Stars.


Jovita Stander
Class Member

I thoroughly enjoyed the Star Fit programme. The variety of exercises and the progression in intensity from week to week ensured that the classes were fun, challenging and results-driven. I finished the course feeling considerably tighter (and fitter) than I did when I began! Being able to attend the Primal Move classes in addition to the Star Fit classes made for a complimentary, holistic body and mind experience. I made some wonderful new friends too! Thank you, Peri and Pedro!

Laura Dall
STAR FIT Participant

So I’ve been getting even more and even more into natural movement and strength over the last year, and finally decided it was time to go into it more head on than I have been until now.
I decided to check out the Seven Star Energy Centre. For those of you who haven’t heard of it or seen it – check it out.

On top of extremely qualified trainers (I’m talking leages above anything you’ll find at Virgin Active. Leagues.), a class will have you throwing logs, carrying rocks, balancing on planks and beams, jumping around, crawling around. Lying on your back and chilling out, general just playing around.
You should check them out, even if it’s just once.

They also do Kettlebell training (once again, the level of trainer is immense. Very well versed in movement. Very difficult qualifications the lessons.)

Check em out!

Julien McIver
Class member

Also wanted to say that I’m really enjoying the training. I can feel improvements. The new structure I discussed with Pedro this morning is going to be great. Improving mobility on my knee and shoulders but still doing a lot of strength training. Really glad I joined you guys.

Mike McCleod
Personal Training Client

I just want to say thanks for Evolution 8. I feel uplifted, inspired, healthier, happier! I definitely got fitter and stronger despite having trained mostly with light weights. I had my executive medical two weeks ago and on paper I’m fit and healthy – all my scores were better than the year before. I’ve put on 3kg, but waist circumference has decreased so anyone’s guess where I’m carrying the extra weight. Maybe some muscle 🙂

Martin Botha
Evolution Participant

It’s a small community based facility where attention is given to individuals. The principles behind the exercise are responsible, sustainable and promotes a healthy overall body and mind.

Survey Feedback

Thank you for the workshop you held at the Branson Centre Peri. It just changed the way I look at life.

I have been more conscious about what I put in my mouth. I’m even in the process of filming a documentary about food and how poisonous it can be (GMO). So yeah, the research is shocking but the story must be told

Lindiwe H Mdluli
Branson Centre Entrepreneur

Because of the trainer’s professionalism & expertise; ability to inspire, motivate and lead by example. Offering an alternative & better rounded approach than mainstream gyms.

Survey Feedback

“Kettlebells paid off!” ????

Roxanne Viljoen
Evolution Participant

Hey Peri  (CEO),


Thank you for 7 Star and your coaching into movement…it has improved my strength and will to move many fold over…it has breathed life into my life and allowed me to rekindle playing with my children and the concept of ‘playfulness’ into my being…

How you manage to change our program and sequence of movement EVERY time amazes me and have never experienced this kind of interaction with myself.

I find every day with you and the training fully positive and energizing and constructive to my whole day and beingness :-))

Have a lekka day and I’ll see you tomorrow…HUG

Christiaan Claasen
Seven Star Member

Matthew Fah
PT Virgin Active Alice Lane

Pleasure Peri. It is million times better than trying to achieve something with a gym bunny pushing you endlessly!!!

What you are doing is much more in my line of thinking and doing things, so thanks to you guys, for creating the space and environment that you did!

Francois Hugo
Personal Training Client

Ola’ Pedro

I just wanted to thank you for soothing my neck after yesterday’s fall.

You have a wonderful gift with your healing hands.

Blessings, always.


Julien McIver
Class member

Hi Peri,

I feel compelled to share the impact that training at Seven Stars and receiving the “topics of the week” email has made on me in just 3 weeks.

Despite living a healthy and active lifestyle, my daily meditation and exercise appeared to be compartmentalized with work taking a significant portion of time and of my mind. I have never bought into “work-life-balance” but rather “work-life-integration” which as a concept sits well but in practice can always be improved on.

I have noticed the idea of movement, strength and posture is with me throughout the day. I make subtle corrections and turn away from the escalators to walk the stairs. A new meaning to “life” has appeared in “work-life-integration”.

Thank you for creating an environment with a sense of community, that offers outdoor training with a variety of unusual “equipment”. I love that it is all set in a foundation of mindfulness. A unique gift.

Looking forward to returning next week and I’m sure to find a park bench to do some tricep dips or push ups on my runs around Bristol!



Kate Ludwig

When you look at old pics of yourself and see how chubby you were, beer boop and all through a baggy shirt even …. euw! Thanks Peri and Pedro for fixing that!

Nicholas Alexander Quail
Private Member

I have always seen training with weights and the machines at the gym as a soulless, mind-numbing exercise – it has taken me a very long time to find something that I really enjoy (besides the race walking) and that I look forward to, even getting up at 4h30 in the morning! (thanks Luanda for getting me hooked!! 🙂 ).

I really enjoy the unpretentious, down to earth environmental and the massive amount of information you and the others, such as Lee and Pedro, are willing to share with us. It helps me to understand how my body works and what the technique and exercise is about. Kettlebells is almost like golf – when you finally get the technique right and you do that one perfect move it is just great – and you forget all the hundred and thousand ‘wrong’ moves of before – the challenge is keeping the perfect move repeating itself.

I remember my first planks last year – oh my!! I could not keep it up – and now I can feel that I am stronger – such a difference. My muscles are slowly starting to ‘appear’ and after today’s session with Lee, I can feel my core muscles with every little move! LOL!

Thanks so much for your dedication to the ’cause’! Seven Start is a little gem!

Jovita Stander
Kettlebell Member

“My ‘happy place”. Thanks for an awesome spot Peri”

Le Roux Theron

Peri is very dedicated and has good people skills. I think the what impressed me the most was Peri’s humbleness and ‘what you see is what you get’ attitude. The centre is down to earth – no place for egos 🙂

Survey Feedback

“It has been a wonderful experience having Pedro train me, as he has taken into account my shoulder injury and is careful to not prevent any further injuries. He is always ready to adjust the exercises according to my likes and dislikes and has given me good advice regarding my nutrition.

As a result my body is more toned, I am stronger in body and mind and more fit than I have been in years.”

Nadia Geninazza
Private Member

Dear Pedro

Thank you for the personal training I have been doing with you over the last three months. As a result I feel much stronger and fitter, and also have lost a significant amount of weight.

I particularly appreciate how you are sensitive to my various injuries and weaknesses, developing a programme for me to work on successfully strengthening those specific areas. After training with you I find that my balance, mobility, posture and breathing have improved tremendously, all of which makes me a better and more confident horse rider.

Choosing you as a personal trainer is definitely the most beneficial thing I have done for myself for a long time.


Joe Campanella
Private Member

Ola’ Pedro

I just wanted to thank you for soothing my neck after yesterday’s fall.

You have a wonderful gift with your healing hands.

Blessings, always.


Jovita Stander
Seven Star Member

Teaching is done by explanation.
Learning is done by experience.
Mastery is achieved through practice.

Dave Whitley
Master SFG

“I appreciate your attention and support on an individual basis, that is really what makes Seven Star so special in helping me to continuously improve my health and wellbeing”

Sabine Blehe
C.O.O Tourvest Destination Management

Dude, am so happy with my progress right now its not even funny!I actually look forward to gym and plan my life around it. Eating has gotten drastically better but still big room for improvement.

Miles Khubeka
Vuyo's Owner

Dear Pedro and Peri

I would like to thank you guys for the huge contribution you have made in getting me to where I am now.  I have not had this much “control” over my body or felt it functioning as properly as it does now, for years.   I know there is still a long way to go, but I could not be happier with the results so far.  I could not have imagined when I started in November that I would be as pleased as I am.

Pedro, I don’t know how you ever thought this body would be “trainable” if I look at the “state” I was in when I arrived, but thank you for your dedication and devotion in personalizing my training to my specific needs.

I really love my classes, be it personal or group, it is the highlight of my day and I always leave your studio feeling better physically and emotionally than when I arrived there.

You guys are absolute stars, I appreciate what you are doing and cannot possibly thank you enough.

Please just never stop, because that will be a disaster for me!!!!!!!!

Thank you so much

Francois Hugo
Personal Training Client

Thank you for being such a great coach. It has been an incredibly difficult year for me on a personal level and your classes really have got me through the last 10 months on many levels. They have been one thing to look forward to each week and have been the feel-good highlight of the week without fail. Added to that, my body has really looked and felt the best I can recall.

Greg Cameron
Strength Class Member

Thank you so much for your generosity . If I do need your advice help I will certainly contact you. As I said , your advice has been invaluable ! And yesterday , thanks to your help,I was able to jog up some incline streets for the first time in 8 years!!! Normally my lower back will scream in the first 10 seconds, but it was fine! Thank you. So much, I never thought I was going to be able to do that again. 🙂

Lisa Zimmerman
Owner - Yoga Shalla

I think is a great environment, “down to earth” . I feel comfortable training at Seven Star, just have to concentrate on my training 🙂

Survey Feedback

“Thank you Peri

We were just chatting about you this weekend and we want to thank you sincerely again for the time you spent with Selma. It did literally change her way of thinking. We are most grateful.

The move has gone smoothly and we are settled in the place we now live and the mountains are magnificent.

I find that they give me a conscience karma of comfort.

Kind regards


Brian Robertson
Former Head of The Parkmore Association

I just wanted to say thank you for fitting us into your schedules these last three months. I have only had positive feedback on the mindful sessions, and personally I have found them really helpful (when I remember to practice 🙂

Sumaiyah Bux
Head of HR, Tourvest Destination Management

I really love the classes and I have been almost without pain for over six months, a huge change, and can honestly say its due to kettle bells. Plus you guys are the best at what you do and I don’t want to go elsewhere.

Zoe Lees
Sustainability & Climate change specialist

“Thanks to Peri and Pedro for a really great 6 weeks. This wasn’t just a workout programme but more of a lifestyle and mindset change for me.

Becoming more aware of how we move, what we’re fueling our bodies with, how we’re feeling emotionally and physically on a daily basis and paying more attention to this.
I highly recommend Evolution!”

Niki Neave
Evolution Participant

After an unfortunate shooting incident I turned to Seven Star Strength Training to help build up my strength and confidence.

Today my husband and daughter are part of this gym. We have always been avid gym embers but have never actually seen any results. With Peri and Pedro we are becoming stronger every day. It’s the first time that my daughter looks forward at getting up at 5.30 to go to gym before school.

Pedro uses a unique method of core and strength training and it is for the first time after a number of years that I can move freely without having aches and pains.

Although I do not leave there sweating and panting for breath I feel I have achieved more in one hour than I have ever achieved at any other gym. I know this is only the beginning of my training; we are setting a foundation of bigger and better things to come for example the Evolution challenge.

In just three months of training I am back to wearing high heels and dancing which I thought I will never to able to do.

Thanks to Pedro and Peri.

Surie Naicker
Private Member

Lost 6 kg and 3% body fat, in 6 weeks of training while following a vegetarian diet.
“I’m more than proud of myself. It took some serious conviction. Thanks Peri, I can’t believe I changed so much. Thanks for the motivation”

Andre Van Kraayen
Evolution Participant

“Thanx so much to Peri at Seven Star Energy Centre today for the awesome FREE WORKSHOP on breath & mobility!! Always grateful for the opportunity to learn from your gentle calm energy…always happy to be receiving and focusing inwardly for my own learning.

I encourage all my friends and followers to try and attend the remaining 2 free weekend workshops in Jan to learn a better way of moving and experience yourself through different techniques and influences to become better, more mindful movers!! ”

Toni Burkhart
Workshop Attendee
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