At Seven Star Energy Centre we offer various training disciplines to suit your specific needs and desired outcomes.

As well as our group classes listed below, we offer personal training facilitated by Peri – Find out more

Natural Movement | TACFIT | Strength | Martial Arts


Are you moving the way nature intended? Can you move how you did a child? What if you needed to apply your strength to help yourself or someone else in danger? Can you move in nature?

This is the focus of natural movement and training the fundamental patterns of running, jumping, crawling, carrying, balancing, climbing, catching, throwing and lifting.

Star Fit: TACFIT

TACFIT Commando program incorporates:

  • High-Intensity Fat-Burning Circuits: each mission in the TACFIT Commando dossier can be completed in less than 30 minutes, and those 30 intense minutes melt fat faster than hours of cardio-style exercise.
  • Complex Skills that promote “neurological sophistication”: time appears to slow down as you speed up, fine motor skills become more accurate, gross motor skills more efficient, you feel significant less stress in a crisis, and even more so in daily life.
  • Real Tactical Applications: each exercise has been carefully programmed to forge the highest level of specific conditioning while building and reinforcing tactically relevant skill sets.
  • Injury-Proofing and Active Recovery: specific low-intensity mobility exercises accelerate your recovery from intense effort, prevent overtraining, and diminish the delayed muscle soreness typical of extreme exertion—which translates to constant mission readiness.


Strength comes in many forms and can be measured differently. We believe there is no one signal tool for this and look to bring the best of various strength modalities together. StrongFirst Kettlebell and Bodyweight training are powerful modalities for learning the skill of tension and strength. The kettlebell or girya (Russian) is a cast-iron weight (resembling a cannonball with a handle) used to perform ballistic exercises that combine cardiovascular, strength and flexibility training. This class will focus on:

  • Mobility and Stability
  • Resistance training
  • Breathing and Balance
  • Muscle building
  • Glute, Core, Leg and Back Strength

“Get a powerlifting quality workout anywhere, anytime, using your bodyweight as resistance. Learn the body language of strength—and turn your whole body into a devastating clenched fist.” StrongFirst

Note: An individual is required to attend a minimum of 3 private sessions to learn the fundamental movements unless they have already been instructed. The first session is free, the remaining privates cost R300 p/h. Upon completion of the private training a new individual may only join the classes at the beginning of the month when the training routines change. This is too alleviate having to teach people technique while others have to wait, as well as beginners possibly sustaining injury.

YMAA (Yangs Martial Arts Ass.) Traditional Tai Chi & Kung Fu

Tai Chi Chuan (also written as Taijiquan) can be translated as the ‘Supreme Ultimate Fist’
….There is far more to Tai Chi than simple relaxation or physical exercise
for those who wish to explore this profound and life-transforming art….

At YMAA we train traditional or classical Yang Style Taijiquan which originated from Yang, Ban-Hou. This style emphasises all aspects of Taiji training, including the martial content. This style is different from the style which was passed on by Yang, Chen- Fu which mainly emphasizes the health aspects of Taiji.

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