Seven Star Energy Centre – Price List

Personal Training Membership Fees – Mandatory for all private clients

  • Private clients are required to pay a monthly membership, this entitles them to also attend 1 class per week on top of their private training
  • PROMOTION: Refer 1 person and get a 50% discount on 1 months training
CostR300 p/m
Benefits 1 AM Class p/w

Personal / Semi Private Training – Monthly Fees

Number of clients123-5
TimePer person/per hourPer person/per hourPer person/per hour
2 Months UpfrontR400.00R300.00R200.00 
3 Months UpfrontR350.00R250.00R150.00 

Class / Group Training

  • Registration Fee: R300 once off
  • First timers are required to pay 3 months fee’s upfront. Thereafter an option to monthly or upfront will be allowed
  • PROMOTION: Refer 1 person and 50% discount on 1 months training. Refer 2 or more people: 1 months FREE training
  • These packages apply to STAR FIT class ONLY!
  • They DO NOT apply to personal training or Martial Arts
  • The longer the payment structure chosen the higher the discount one receives
  • TRAVELLING CONDITIONS: * Class Members: If an individual is travelling for an extended period, paid class fee’s cannot be transferred to other months nor can fee’s be frozen
  •  Regular fees are still applicable if a member is away unless notice to cancel the membership has been given
  • INJURY CONDITIONS: * Class Members: Serious medical conditions that prohibits a member from attending the classes will be handled per situation
  • MEMBERSHIP CANCELLATION: * Class Members: One month’s written notice is required if an individual is going to cancel their membership.
Package2 STAR3 STAR
Classes2 Classes p/w 3 Classes p/w
Monthly payment R750.00 R850.00
3 Months UpfrontR1950.00
(R650 p/m)
(R750 p/m)
6 Months UpfrontR3600.00
(R600 p/m)
(R650 p/m)

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