Intermittent fasting – the pros and cons

The following question and answer was an interview with Joshua Burt, journalist for London magazine Coach: Josh: Would you advise calorie counting as a way to diet? Ian: Personally, ‘no’. My motto is ‘quality before quantity’ – if you truly eat well, with very high-grade local, seasonal, organic produce, and at the same time use […]

Blood sugar management: What your doctor doesn’t know about glucose testing.

By Bryan Walsh Blood sugar management is important for preventing everything from hypoglycemia to full blown diabetes. However, monitoring blood glucose is rarely as straightforward as it seems. In this article we’ll discuss the current gold standard for measuring a person’s blood sugar. We’ll share some problems with the most popular tests. And we’ll review the […]

The Only Food Rules You’ll Ever Need

Too many nutritional programs focus just on the narrow aims of weight loss and athletic performance, whereas the 12 pillars are meant to address behaviours and physiological considerations that are essential to optimizing not just athletic performance, but performance in life. The 12 Nutritional Pillars:  Focus on Eating Nutrient Dense Foods Rather Than Counting Calories […]