You look at the calendar – oh dear. The school reunion/wedding/Bali getaway is ALMOST HERE! We need to blast some fat, pronto. For many, shedding the kilos by cutting the kilojoules is an obvious place to start. But being so busy, we have little time to really calculate […]

Barefoot Basics: How to Regain Your Footing

Steve Gangemi Coach Natural movement means your body is moving without any alteration from its normal state or function. It also means your body is experiencing full sensory feedback from your surroundings, which is hopefully a natural environment.  Do you think you’re moving as well with shoes on as you could be without them? You’re […]

Detoxes: an undefined scam

There’s no quick fix; nurturing your health is a long-term endeavor. That doesn’t stop fad diets and the marketers promoting them from gumming up the airways with advertisements. One such diet that keeps being revived is called … The cleanse Or “detox diet”. But whichever label you prefer, you’ll be hard-pressed to associate it with […]

This is what the typical diet looks like in South Africa

South Africa faces a war on nutrition on two fronts: the high rates of obesity, and a battle against nutritional deficiency. A study conducted by the Human Sciences Research Council in 2012 (released in 2014) provides a comprehensive insight into the state of nutrition in South Africa. This National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey showed […]

Can We Be Mindful at Work Without Meditating?

Leah Weiss explains how to bring more awareness, compassion, and purpose to work without a meditation cushion. With the possible exception of our families of origin, no other setting than work provides us with more opportunities to be irritated, outraged, anxious, discouraged, disappointed, overwhelmed, jealous, embarrassed, bored, or afraid of saying what we really mean. […]

Eight Fascinating Facts About Fascia

by Derrick Price, MS Somatic Health What do you need to know about training the myofascial lines?                                   Fascia has been enjoying the limelight in the fitness industry as one of the hottest topics in recent conference programming, workshops […]

I Tried A Squatting Desk For A Month….And Here’s What Happened

After reading the myriad of articles about how sitting is slowly killing us, I became concerned. I’m a chair-all-day kinda gal and according to science, that’sworse than cigarettes. Since I’m a bit of a health nut, I finally decided to try the latest office furniture trend everyone has been talking about: a squatting desk. I asked […]


In a world where we are now more obese than underweight, there is a call for action to take charge of health, and lower the kilos. Meal replacements have for a long time been the golden ticket to rapid weight loss. There are shakes, soups and bars, packed with protein designed to keep you full, […]

The Two Ways Sugar Hijacks Your Brain

Mandy Oaklander A new study in mice suggests that the desire for calories in sugar is stronger than the drive for sweetness Ask anyone who’s ever resolved to break up with sweets and then crumbled at the sight of a cookie: it’s tough to quit eating sugar. Now, a new animal studysuggests that the reason […]

Healing the Body with Offal

By KarenMaidment In tribal hunting, the heart and brain of the kill were always eaten first. They were considered to provide strength & intelligence for the consumer! Liver, kidneys, sweetbreads etc were considered a reward for the hunter or saved for honorary elders. In Roman and Greek times, offal was revered and treated with great […]