Working with Yin to Balance Yang for Daily Energy

by Warren Williams We spend so much of our time working for money, working out our bodies for a look we are happy with and working out what foods are best for our biochemistry. In this busy western world we are always in the state of doing or actively using energy in the state known […]

Lower back pain linked to chimpanzee spine shape

By BBC Health People with lower back problems are more likely to have a spine similar in shape to the chimpanzee, our closest ape relatives. A lesion which forms in the disc between the bones of the spine is the reason for the differing shape. It would have caused the vertebrae to change as humans […]

Healing Piriformis Syndrome

By Daily Bandha Years ago I developed sciatica as a consequence of a martial arts injury. I had seen a number of doctors who finally diagnosed it as an entrapment syndrome involving the piriformis muscle and the sciatic nerve. I tried, unsuccessfully, all of the conservative methods to treat it, including physical therapy, massage, manipulation—you […]

Are you Strong Enough to be Helpful?

MovNat, the “workout the world forgot”, recently posted 7 strong to be helpful fitness challenges, which I want to highlight here as they’re beneficial to be able to do for obstacle course racing, parkour, and ancestral fitness. They’re about challenging you to not just be fit, but be fit in a way that’s practical and vital. […]

You’re thinking about fitness all wrong

By Mike Plunkett   It’s mid-January, and you may feel like a fitness failure. Join the gym, find a yoga class or lose 10 pounds? Not a chance. Go from couch to 5K? Still on the couch. Achieve that feeling of euphoria your friends say they get after SoulCycle? It’s still Greek to you. Instead […]

Seahawks teaching players: Sleep is a ‘weapon’

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports “Sleep is a key pillar in improving health and performance.” Contradictory to one of Russell Wilson’s most-used hashtags — #NoTimeToSleep — rest, recovery, and sleep have become major points of emphasis in the Seahawks’ overarching program. A huge part of Pete Carroll’s system is messaging, and you can often hear how […]

Seamus Mullen: the chef who cured himself of arthritis

New York chef Seamus Mullen, who was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis in 2007, believes changes to his diet and routine have reversed the effects of a crippling disease. ‘The fact that the disease has gone is conclusive proof that this way of living works for me’: Seamus Mullens, pictured at his New York restaurant Tertulia […]

No, Heroes Aren’t Born. They’re Built. And This Is How You Become One.

One of the most surprising heroes of World War II was a pint-sized shepherd nicknamed The Clown—and his fitness wisdom can change your life. By: Christopher McDougall If you think heroism is an accident, you don’t know the Clown. That was one of George Psychoundakis’ code names. Another was the Changeling, after those magical trolls […]

Updated Fee Structure – Aug 2015

FEE INCREASE – GROUP CLASSES From the 1st of September 2015, there will be a R50 increase for all group training classes. I.e. 2 classes p/m: Current – R550pm / Updated R600pm We have avoided an increase for almost 2 years and we trust that you’ll find the updated pricing still feasible. Price increases in […]

Hungry? Your Stomach Really Does Have a Mind of Its Own

Scientists Try To Train the Brain in the Gut To Feel Full With Less Food By GAUTAM NAIK A group of Nestle SA researchers here are on an unusual mission: They hope to create new foods based on gut instinct. Not the type of instinct one normally equates with intuitive decision-making, but the sophisticated processes that […]